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Three SMU students receive Gilman Scholarships to study abroad

May 11, 2011

By Chris Dell
SMU News

DALLAS (SMU) — Three students in SMU’s Dedman College will study in Europe and Asia this summer after winning Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships. The scholarships are given to two-year and four-year university and college students who receive federal Pell Grants and wish to study overseas.

Larry Anthony
Ryan Swick
Ankita Krishnan

All three students will participate in 6- or 8-week language-intensive overseas courses.

Larry Anthony, a junior from Dallas majoring in political science and history with a minor in Arabic, will be studying in Morocco with SMU Arabic language lecturer Liljana Elverskog.

Ankita Krishnan, a sophomore from Mumbai, India, majoring in French and psychology, will study in the south of France with other SMU students.

Ryan Swick, a sophomore from Austin majoring in political science, public policy and economics with a minor in Chinese, will be participating in the SMU in China language program.

More than 2,600 students applied for Gilman Scholarships, which are earmarked for only 500 recipients. Each student submitted a proposed budget with their scholarship application and will be awarded varying amounts based on program costs and financial needs.

“It is an extraordinary honor for students to receive Gilman Scholarships for summer study abroad programs,” says Kelli Anderson, SMU Abroad assistant director. “This was an extremely competitive year for Gilman applications, so for three of our students to receive them speaks to the high caliber of those attending SMU.




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