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Biblical elective sought for Caddo schools


The following is from the November 2, 2010, edition of The Shreveport Times. SMU Religious Studies Professor Mark Chancey provided expertise for this story.

November 2, 2010

By Mary Nash-Wood

Caddo Parish School Board member Barry Rachal wants a Bible-based history elective in Caddo high schools next fall.

Rachal said he will bring a motion before the board next month to bring the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools Bible-based history elective to the district. . .

Mark Chancey, an associate professor of religious studies at Southern Methodist University, has spent the past five years studying the NCBCPS. He said the group is known to greatly exaggerate its stretch in public schools.

"Just because you say you are in a certain number of districts doesn't make it true," he said. "Take Texas, for instance. The National Council claimed to have its program in 52 districts in the state, but in actuality, that number was only 11."

Chancey said Bible Literacy Project's "The Bible and Its Influence" gives an unbiased account of the Bible's influence on Shakespeare, art, music and poetry.

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