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The mad mad mad dash for the governor's mansion

Phase two is now beginning

February 24, 2010

Cal Jillson

Keeping up with the cues and miscues in the race for Texas governor is the forté of SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson, one of the nation's foremost political experts and author of The American Dream.

Now, the party primaries have narrowed the race for Texas governor to a battle in the fall between incumbent Gov. Rick Perry and former Houston Mayor Bill White. And the lingering question is whether Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, defeated by Perry, will stay or step down:

"I'm going to be watching a good race for governor,” Jillson told KERA public radio's Shelly Kofler, “Because Rick Perry is nine years in, there is a good bit of concern out there about him being in Austin too long and White is the best candidate the Democrats have had in a long time. So I expect to see a good contest.”

Other SMU political experts:

Rita Kirk

Dennis Simon

Matthew Wilson

Rita Kirk
With changes in political communication such as YouTube and other Internet trends, Kirk’s knowledge of the evolving communication landscape has made her a valuable source. She has the ability to adapt to story topics and specializes in political and persuasive campaigns.

Dennis Simon
A leading expert on politics and women, Simon is co-author of Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling: Women & Congressional Elections. A political science professor, Simon specializes in public opinion, elections and political polls.

Matthew Wilson
With a diverse knowledge of U.S. and Texas politics, Wilson specializes in religion and politics and can also speak to public opinion, elections and political psychology. His forthcoming book is The Blame Game: Political Sophistication and the Politics of Attribution.

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