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On Facebook and Twitter, marketing is really clicking


The following is from the November 24, 2010, edition of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. SMU Marketing Professor Dan Howard provided expertise for this story.

By Andrea Ahles

If you tweeted about your excitement about shopping at Target last week, you may have received $10 off your next Target purchase.

Or if you checked in at the Gap's Facebook page this month, you had a chance to get one of 50,000 free pairs of jeans.

With recent promotions like these, retailers are turning to social-media channels more than ever this holiday shopping season, reaching out to loyal customers to get them to spend more in their bricks-and-mortar stores. . .

Retailers are also developing applications for iPhones, Droids and other smartphones to connect with consumers. A few have partnered with established mobile sites such as Foursquare or shopkick for promotions to target customers in their stores on Black Friday.

"It's a way of reaching people that you might miss with normal media advertising," said Dan Howard, a marketing professor at SMU's Cox School of Business.

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