2010 Commencement Weekend is May 14-15

Environmental Studies Graduates

Environmental Studies Students
(l. to r.) Spencer Lacey, Leila Mekias and Hoyt Nichols

May 12, 2010

The first three graduates of SMU’s Environmental Studies program in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences were awarded their diplomas on May 15. They are:

  • Hoyt Nichols, double majoring in philosophy and environmental studies
  • Leila Mekias, double majoring in international studies and environmental studies
  • Spencer Lacey

SMU’s Environmental Studies Program began in fall 2008. It provides an interdisciplinary curriculum for students who are interested in studying the environment at a societal and policy-making level, but do not intend to become scientists. Environmental Studies majors study complex environmental issues from multiple perspectives such as anthropology, business, economics, engineering, science and sociology.

"When I was one of about 100,000 people celebrating the first Earth Day in New York City in 1970, environmentalism was a movement,” said Bonnie Jacobs, director of the Environmental Studies Program.  “Now environmentalism is mainstream, and it’s very gratifying for me to see these students graduate from SMU with the skills to carry sustainability into an ever-widening range of career opportunities.”

SMU students may pursue undergraduate and graduate environmental degrees through three portals – the Environmental Studies and Environmental Science programs, both in Dedman College of Science and Humanities, and the Environmental and Civil Engineering Department of the Lyle School of Engineering.

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