SMU Abroad expands with the launch of 100 new programs

SMU Abroad expands with the launch of 100 new programs

August 19, 2009

SMU Abroad is taking students more places in 2009 with the launch of 100 new programs.

earthOffered in collaboration with the Council on International Education Exchange and other study abroad organizations, the new programs provide opportunities for study, internships and service in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania.

SMU will continue to offer its 30 semester, academic year, winter and summer programs, including discipline-specific programs led by SMU faculty, in locations such as China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, Russia and South Africa.

“By working in partnership with the country’s leading university study abroad program providers, SMU is able to diversify its programs, the majors who can participate and the locations offered,” says Susan Kress, director of SMU Abroad.  “Students now can opt to spend a semester at SMU-in-Paris and follow up with an internship in Senegal.”

The new programs were reviewed and approved by SMU’s Education Abroad Council for academic content and suitability, and follow the recommendations of SMU’s International Education Task Force to increase opportunities abroad.

More than 500 SMU students go abroad each year on SMU-approved programs. For most programs, the price for spending an academic year or semester abroad is similar to tuition, room and board on the Dallas campus. Students receive academic credit for their courses abroad if they participate in SMU-approved programs and have applied through SMU Abroad. 

Kress says international education is a key to success in this global age. “Studying, serving or working abroad often results in a keen knowledge of the host country, the ability to speak another language and the skill of crossing cultures with relative ease,” she says.  “These attributes make graduates broader in their interests, wiser in their worldview and more competitive in the job market.”

Important Facts:

  • The new SMU Abroad website launches Monday, August 24.
  • Students will be able to log in and apply online to the programs beginning September 8.
  • Attend the fall SMU Abroad Fair at noon Tuesday, September 15, on The Boulevard.
  • Eight things you should know.

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