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Tate Series presents environmentalist and photographer Chris Jordan

February 12, 2009

Chris Jordan, an environmental activist and photographer whose work focuses on the excessive trash produced by America’s mass-consumer culture, spoke at SMU on Jan. 27, 2009, as part of the University’s Tate Distinguished Lecture Series.

Photographer and environmental activist Chris Jordan at SMU on Jan. 27, 2009
See the forum video icon.   See the lecture video icon.

Video of his presentations at the Student Forum and The Oncor Electric Delivery Lecture are available online. (See the forum. See the lecture.)

Based in Seattle, Jordan exhibits widely in the United States and Europe and has been featured in magazines, newspapers, weblogs, documentary films and radio and television programs worldwide.

A former corporate attorney, he is a frequent speaker on the subject of mass culture. He traveled extensively for National Geographic as its international eco-ambassador for Earth Day 2008. In that role, he exhibited his work, conducted workshops and gave lectures in Taipei, Lisbon and Rome.

Jordan's latest photographic series, titled Running the Numbers, depicts the staggering statistics of large-scale waste and consumption, presented in huge, intricately detailed panels.

More about Chris Jordan.

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