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Palin galvanizes Democratic Party base


The following is from Reuters for Oct. 8, 2008. SMU Political Scientists Cal Jillson provided expertise for this story.

October 8, 2008

By Ed Stoddard

DALLAS (Reuters) - Republican evangelicals are not the only political base vice presidential pick Sarah Palin is energizing.

Democratic foot soldiers have sprung into action in response to John McCain's running-mate's personal attacks on their candidate, Barack Obama, her opposition to abortion rights and her endorsement from religious conservatives. . .

Palin's impact on the left was seen almost immediately after her rousing speech last month at the Republican National Convention, when Obama's campaign reported the next day that over $8 million had poured into it from over 130,000 donors. . .

"Her attacks will make liberals see red," added political scientist Cal Jillson of Southern Methodist University. . .

 "Sarah Palin has energized the Republican base in unexpected ways and there is always countermobilization to a successful mobilization," said Jillson.

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