Luminaries lead Southern Methodist University's
campaign to raise $750 million


The following is from the Sept. 12, 2008, edition of The Dallas Morning News.

By Robert Miller
Business Columnist

The list of volunteers leading Southern Methodist University's Second Century Campaign reads like a global "Who's Who" of high-achievers.

At its meeting this morning, the SMU Board of Trustees is expected to approve a $750 million campaign goal, aimed at achieving a dramatic increase in academic quality and impact.

Financier Gerald J. Ford is convening co-chair of the campaign. Other campaign co-chairs are Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, Ray L. Hunt, Caren H. Prothro and Carl Sewell, all SMU trustees.

The Campaign Leadership Council members (all from Dallas, unless otherwise noted) include Ms. Altshuler, Mr. Ford, Mr. Hunt, Ms. Prothro and Mr. Sewell, Michael M. Boone, Gary T. Crum of Houston, Linda Pitts Custard, Robert H. Dedman Jr., Milledge A. Hart III, Gene C. Jones, Jeanne L. Phillips, John C. Tolleson, Richard Ware of Amarillo and Dr. R. Gerald Turner, ex-officio.

Campaign steering committee leaders include:

  • Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences: Kelly Hoglund Compton and Frederick B. Hegi Jr.
  • Cox School of Business: Frank M. Dunlevy of San Francisco and David B. Miller.
  • Meadows School of the Arts: Linda Harris Gibbons, John S. McFarland and Sarah Fullinwider Perot.
  • School of Engineering: Bobby B. Lyle and Karen Livesay Shuford.
  • Dedman School of Law: Alan D. Feld, Marilyn Hussman Augur, Roy K. Barger of Plano, George W. Bramblett Jr. and Philip J. Wise.
  • Perkins School of Theology: Dodee Frost Crockett of Wimberley, the Rev. Michael McKee of Hurst and Kay Prothro Yeager of Wichita Falls.
  • Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development: Richard H. Collins and Connie Blass O'Neill.
  • Central University Libraries: Ann Warmack Brookshire of Tyler and Tavenner C. Lupton III.
  • Campus and Student Life: Craig James of Celina; and Richard Ware of Amarillo.
  • Athletics: Denny R. Holman and Paul B. Loyd Jr. of Houston.
  • Atlanta: Jennifer D. Flanagan and Martin L. Flanagan of Atlanta.
  • Chicago: Royce E. "Ed" Wilson and Leslie Zahn Wilson of Chicago.
  • Houston: Scott J. McLean and Dennis E. Murphree of Houston.
  • Los Angeles: Marion O. Palley and Roger B. Palley of Newport Beach, Calif., and Kelly Allen Welsh and Kevin D. Welsh of Pacific Palisades, Calif.
  • New York City: James H. MacNaughton of New York.
  • International regions: Juan L. Elek of Mexico City and Helmut Sohmen of Hong Kong.

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