Hamilton Performer and Meadows Alum Returns to Teach Musical Theatre

Hope Endrenyi (B.F.A. ’16) returns to Meadows as an adjunct professor to teach musical theatre class.

Adjunct professor Hope Endrenyi teaches choreography to her musical theatre class.
Hope Endrenyi (center) teaches musical theatre students foundational dance techniques.

This semester, Meadows’ musical theatre class offers students an opportunity to learn from someone who not only has been in their shoes as a Meadows alum but is also an alum of a wildly popular Broadway show. Hope Endrenyi (B.F.A. ’16), who was a dance major and musical theatre minor during her time at SMU, has returned to Meadows as an adjunct professor fresh off the hit production of Hamilton and is eager to share her knowledge and experience with her students.


“It feels very full circle to have been a student, gone out into the world for a while, and now to come back and share a bit of what I've learned,” says Endrenyi. “I remember how it felt to be a student, with all of my hopes, worries, ambitions and challenges, and use that to guide how I can best serve their needs and meet them where they are.”


The musical theatre class, which is taught by Endrenyi (dance), Virginia Dupuy (voice), Sara Romersberger (acting, movement) and Christopher Widomski (voice, musical theater history), is open to anyone at SMU and receives students from a variety of majors, including dance, voice, theatre and even majors outside of Meadows. Because of this, the class is tailored for the students who enroll in the class. Based on factors like their majors, year in school and general experience prior to the class, a curriculum is designed and built out to best serve that specific group of students.


Hope Endrenyi (right) teaches musical theatre students choreography from Hamilton song "The Room Where It Happens."Endrenyi (right) teaches musical theatre students choreography from Hamilton song "The Room Where It Happens."


With this semester’s combination of students, it was determined that the class would cover dance, coaching audition songs and performance experience. The dance portion of the class will cover everything from techniques and different dance styles to tips for picking up choreography in an audition setting. And though not all students in performing arts divisions at Meadows need training in other art forms, others will find the musical theatre class beneficial for their post-graduation career goals.


“Being able to practice my vocals in musical theatre classes as a dance major helped me to eventually book Hamilton after I graduated,” Endrenyi explains. “I really want to give my students a solid technical foundation and practice in a rehearsal setting, so they can leave the class feeling more confident to get out there and audition once they leave SMU.”


The culmination of the students’ hard work in class will be in the form of a cabaret showcase on Tuesday, May 2. The performance will feature solos, duets, trios, dance numbers and even a group movement piece, and will be the perfect platform to demonstrate everything they’ve learned this semester.