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Presidential Recognition Awards

SMU HR Resources

Presidential Recognition Awards Process for Review of Nominations

The review process for the Presidential Recognition Awards is coordinated by the Department of Human Resources in partnership with the Staff Association. 


  • Nominations will be collected by the Director of the Department of Human Resources.

  • The Director of the Department of Human Resources will convene a committee to review the nominations.  These seven members from across campus will serve for one year and will remain anonymous to campus.

  • A committee member who is nominated for an award will not serve on the committee. Instead, an alternate will be named to the committee.

  • The current President of the Staff Association will participate in the selection meeting.  Selection will be through consensus of the committee members. 

  • The committee will select one winner for each of the four awards which will include a certificate, a lapel pin, and a $1000 award.

  • If no nominee is determined to meet all the criteria, an award will not be made. 

  • These awards will be presented at the annual SMU Staff Recognition Awards Ceremony.

  • Winners are ineligible to receive the award the following year.