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Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center

Expressing oneself clearly and effectively—both orally and in writing—is foundational to communicating the word of God and a cornerstone of theological education. Whether students intend to pursue careers in the church, in the academic world, or any other sector, clear communication is essential for success.

The goal of Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center is to help students:

  • Apply appropriate writing styles to the varied tasks of either an academic career or ministry;
  • Utilize standard grammar and spelling effectively;
  • Create sound writing structures with topic sentences and well-developed theses;
  • Develop critical thinking skills and apply them to their reading, research methods, and writing.

How it Works

One-on-one sessions with Bridwell’s Theological Writing Center’s librarians and tutors are 30 minutes in length, by appointment, and focus on individual needs of the student. Appointments are held online via Zoom. Students should strive to keep their appointments and to arrive at their scheduled time. Students may request a specific tutor or librarian, whose area of expertise matches the student’s needs. Bridwell’s Theological Writing Center tutors and librarians are here to assist with a paper’s style and mechanics. We are not responsible for the accuracy of a paper’s content.

Make an Appointment

Appointment requests should be at least 24 hours in advance. Please provide a writing sample with your appointment request.


What We Do

  • Assistance is available free of charge to all Perkins or GPRS students, including students whose first language is not English and those needing ADA accommodation.
  • The Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center is a supportive and encouraging place for collaboration between writer and writing tutor.
  • Writing is often an incredibly personal experience; few things are more intimate than our inner thoughts. Bridwell’s Theological Writing Center staff pledge to respect each student’s confidentiality.
  • While students utilizing writing centers can expect to improve their performance in a specific course or on an individual assignment, the goal of Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center is to help students become better writers overall to enhance success in their lives and careers.
  • We invite faculty to encourage students to seek assistance at Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center.

Recommended Resources for Writers

Bridwell’s Theological Writing Center can assist with grammar questions, and citation reference, but students will maximize the benefits we offer when we avoid reiterating information readily available in standard grammar texts and citation manuals.All students are encouraged to obtain and read these two resources:

Core, Deborah. The Seminary Student Writes
Turabian, Kate L. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers


Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center offers a regular cycle of workshops each semester. Groups of five or more students can request specific or customized workshops not on the schedule with advance notice. Workshops offered by Bridwell's Theological Writing Center include:

  • Theological Writing Basics
  • Common Writing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • What you Need to Know about Scholarly Citations
  • Keeping Large Writing Projects on Track: Research, Organization, Time Management, Completion
  • Constructing Scholarly Papers


Individual sessions with Bridwell Theological Writing Center's staff are 30 minutes in length and by appointment.

Appointments are online via Zoom.

Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Writing samples, in Microsoft Word, should also be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.

Students can work with any of our writing tutors, subject to availability.

Students should keep their appointments and arrive at their scheduled time.

The first meeting will cover areas of concern to the student. Tutors will provide feedback and recommend useful resources. The student and tutor will also discuss a way forward for the student. This may include:

  • Further meetings
  • Personalized checklists for students to use when reviewing their papers
  • Proofreading and editing services, either with or without further meetings
  • Assistance for other projects of concern to the student, particularly larger or more complicated projects

Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center tutors and librarians are here to assist with a paper's style and mechanics.

  • We are not responsible for the accuracy of the paper's content.
  • We cannot assist students with take-home quizzes or exams without written approval from the instructor.
  • We will not comment on any instructor's syllabus, grading, or teaching style.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific grade on an assignment.
  • We cannot act as scribes for students with disabilities, although we are happy to assist with papers once they are written.

Bridwell Library Theological Writing Center tutors will no longer offer proofreading and editing services to students if they have not worked with a tutor, or if they submit a paper to the Theological Writing Center on the same day it is due.

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