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SMU Program for the Protection of Minors


SMU welcomes many students, employees, and visitors to campus every day and seeks to maintain an inviting, safe, and secure environment for those on campus or engaged in SMU-sponsored activities. In 2012, Texas passed legislation that requires employees of campus programs for minors  attend a training and examination program that addresses the warning signs of sexual abuse and child molestation.

Our goal at SMU is to exceed state standards by requiring that every administrator, faculty, and staff member complete the Program for the Protection of Minors training course. President Turner has asked that all current employees complete this important training no later than April 30, 2013. New employees, as of February 18, 2013, will complete the training within their 90 day Total Orientation Process.

Training Requirements

State Requirement

This training is required by law for any employee working for a camp program that offers recreational, athletic, religious, or educational activities for those not enrolled at SMU and that is operated by or on the SMU campus. Read Texas Senate Bill 1414 to learn who is required to complete the training under the law.

SMU Requirement

SMU has partnered with the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center, a Texas-approved training provider, to host their training within SMU Blackboard.

To complete the training, which will require approximately one hour of your time, launch Blackboard, log in with your SMU ID and password, and then click on the course name, SMU Program for the Protection of Minors, in the course list.  If you are not enrolled in the course, follow the instructions to request enrollment via Blackboard.  Allow up to 48 hours for your enrollment to be accepted.

For reporting purposes on the State Reporting Form, the course completion information for the Blackboard training program should be identified as Dallas Children's Advocacy Center with a program code of YCO8-0043.

Non-SMU Employees:

Non-SMU employees may use any state approved vendor to meet the training requirement and may access their training certificate by logging back in to the program to view/print their completion certificate.

SMU Program Coordinators and Operators:

The SMU Office of Police and Risk Management hosts information sessions on SMU practices and procedures for SMU employees designated as Program Operators or Coordinators. This in-person session offers instruction on who needs to be informed (in addition to those required by state law), compliance practices for Program Operators, and records management procedures.

Program Operators (Non-SMU Employees):

Program Operators are responsible for ensuring that their employees have completed the state-required training before the start of the camp. They should provide a copy of the completed/submitted Department of State Health Services Campus Program for the Protection of Minors form to the SMU Program Coordinator before the start of the camp. The SMU Coordinator should retain a copy of the form in their departmental files.


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