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Learning and Development at SMU

Customized Learning Experiences

Customized Learning Experiences provide a roadmap to guide teams through those unpredictable sharp turns or rough roads. Each session is available in a tailored format for delivery to your team, department or division.

We will consult with you to understand your specific needs and concerns, then adapt the experience (i.e. design, delivery method, application and potential assessments) to best generate the desired results.

Customer Service: Mission Possible!

On a quest to deliver the best in customer service? Mission Possible! is an interactive, three-hour custom facilitation that addresses customer service issues for in-tact work groups. It combines the use of video scenarios (that specifically address higher education and the service issues potentially found on a campus) with both small and large group discussion and facilitation.Participants will:

  • Examine customer service from their own perspectives as customers and service providers using five factors that shape service quality
  • Identify the gap between service factor execution versus customers’ perceived service execution, and,

Action plan to close identified gaps.

Meeting Management: Meetings, Bloody Meetings

How much time do you spend in meetings and how much of that time is productive? Meetings that lack direction and focus are all too common. Declare independence from the drain and drudgery of rudderless meetings with this custom facilitation utilizing the award-winning program Meetings, Bloody Meetings.

Using humor and insight, John Cleese illustrates the essential skills that will ensure efficient, effective work sessions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Plan meetings in advance
  • Prepare a detailed agenda
  • Pre-notify attendees
  • Control the discussion
  • Summarize and record decisions

Banish unproductive meetings from your department forever with Meetings, Bloody Meetings.

Creative Problem Solving: Serious Creativity

Serious Creativity provides an intact team (functional or cross-functional work group) the opportunity to solve real business problems and/or apply innovative thinking to current opportunities while learning the skills for future application on their own. Developing breakthrough ideas does not have to be the result of luck or a shotgun effort. Dr. Edward de Bono’s methods provide a deliberate, systematic process that will result in innovative thinking. This process will teach teams how to think creatively, turn problems into opportunities, find alternative solutions, and dramatically increase the number of new and practical ideas.


We are dedicated to providing our staff and faculty with innovative methods for improving productivity, morale and customer satisfaction.  Our services are designed to enhance the performance of departments, work groups, and individual employees, promoting personal and team achievements.  We facilitate our clients exploration of the dynamics involved in their systems and assist the people who work within those systems to create and maintain a balanced, effective work environment.

Potential Consultation Topics

  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Vision
  • Visual Facilitation
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