EPL 6240 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Leadership
Focuses on the legal and policy issues critical to effective educational leadership. Topics include compliance, equity, and the code of ethics, as well as the development, communication, and implementation of effective policy.

EPL 6241 Organizational Behavior
An examination of behavior in educational organizations. Topics include vision, culture, organizational climate, perceptions, attitudes, motivation, goal setting, influence, and decision-making.

EPL 6252 Special Populations
This course addresses trends and issues impacting instructional programs for special populations. Topics include program development, evaluation, compliance issues, and implications for budget, facilities, and staffing.

EPL 6255 Field Studies
Provides practice-based field opportunities related to school leadership.

EPL 6267 Instructional Leadership I
This course examines instructional leadership, instructional organizational techniques, the coaching and evaluation of effective instruction and other skills needed to effectively lead schools through data-driven instructional improvement and staff development.

EPL 6270 Instructional Leadership II
This course examines school improvement planning, the strategic use of data, the use of assessments to measure and support student achievement, the continuous school improvement model and the development of school improvement plans.

EPL 6271 Instructional Leadership III
This course examines the school leader’s role in leading learning through exploring relevant topics including professional development, curricular/instructional rigor, assessment, and approaches to instructional innovation.

EPL 6272 Strategic Management of Human Capital
This course focuses on achieving effectiveness in building school and staff capacity by insuring student achievement through recruiting, selecting, developing, evaluating, rewarding, and retaining talent and teams through the support of core competencies.

EPL 6280 Leading Holistic Development
This course examines the school leader's role in leading holistic development of adults and students through an examination of research and practices related to social-emotional learning, character development, and implementation science.

EPL 6281 Planning and Managing Change
This course focuses on practical models and change tactics that leaders can use to make their organizations more effective. Students learn to develop, communicate, and effectively implement change through clear and strategic action plans aligned with the priorities and goals of their schools and districts.

EPL 6355 Student Culture and Support
Assists students in understanding and applying proactive strategies that build an inclusive, equitable campus culture to promote students’ wellbeing and student learning. Discusses the relationship between a strong, positive culture and highly effective classroom instruction that fosters student social-emotional growth and academic learning.

EPL 6375 Leading with Values
Enables participants to examine their identity as a leader and the ways their decisions and actions impact values-driven behavior, organizational resilience, adaptability, and an achievement-based culture.

EPL 6395 Urban School Residency
During residency candidates have authentic opportunities to lead adults, make mistakes, and grow through meaningful assessments, ongoing coaching and feedback, and identification of candidates' strengths and weaknesses.