Work Orders

To submit a work order, hot/cold request, or an event request, click here

Safety Information & Campus Police

Non-emergency:  214-768-3388
Emergency:  214-768-3333

Faculty and staff can access information regarding building safety policies and procedures here

Simmons Technology

Equipment is available to check out on a temporary basis.  Requests can be filled out online.

Requesting Space 

Certain spaces in both Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall and Harold Clark Simmons Hall are available to reserve for meetings and events.  

To request meeting/event space in Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall (ACSH) or Harold Clark Simmons Hall (HCSH), please provide the following information to Lauren Gilmore at 

  • Time and date of event (& include sufficient pre-event and post-event time for your set-up and tear down)
  • Number of expected attendees
  • AV requirements (computer, projection screen, DVD player, etc.)?
  • Catering?  
  • A credit card number (external groups) or ORG number (SMU groups)
  • External groups must have an SMU Sponsor to host an event in the Simmons School

Room Reservation Contracts 

There are three different contracts for different groups.  They can be downloaded below. 

  1. SMU Group Contract 
  2. External Group with SMU Sponsor Contract
  3. Student Group Contract (*please note that students are only able to reserve classrooms in HCSH)

Classroom Scheduling 

Departments are expected to observe SMU’s standard class-schedule blocks (see attached) in scheduling classes.  MWF classes start on the hour with the 1st class of the day beginning at 8 a.m.  T/TH classes start every hour and a half with the 1st class of the day beginning at 8 a.m.  Unless you plan to use all of multiple block times to deliver your class/event, please do not schedule at irregular times such that you render use of a preceding or following class block impossible; for example, don’t schedule a MWF class from 8:30 – 9:30.   Since it is sometimes difficult to schedule classes in Annette Hall and Harold Hall during SMU’s peak classroom hours (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.), the departments are encouraged to distribute their classes evenly throughout the day.

If you need to reserve a room for an event and neither Annette nor Harold can accommodate your event, other venues are available on campus, including Hughes-Trigg, which offers event rooms at no-cost to most SMU programs (refer to   Please consult Lauren Gilmore for recommendations.  If you plan to offer an event that requires staging before the event and tear-down after, be sure to reserve sufficient time for all 3 activities.  The room/space will only be available to you during the period of time you reserve it.

Reserving rooms can unfortunately be competitive. Given this, rooms are assigned in observation of the following priorities.

  • 1st rights: Credit classes: Simmons School. Note: If Annette 218 is requested for any credit-bearing course on campus (Simmons or otherwise), evidence of a plan to use the room’s unique technology in course delivery will elevate the request above those that do not utilize the technology. See below.
  • 2nd: Credit classes: other SMU schools
  • 3rd: Non-credit classes: Simmons School
  • 4th: Events:  Simmons
  • 5th: Events: SMU Administration (Provost and above)
  • 6th: Events: SMU
  • 7th: Non-credit classes: SMU non-Simmons, including CAPE & Cox
  • 8th: External Events with Simmons partners
  • 9th: External Events with non-partners

Once classes are scheduled in Simmons buildings, they are only moved in order to accommodate Simmons-wide events and those of the Provost and President—not otherwise.   Classes that have been moved under these circumstances will receive priority reassignment, although they may have to be assigned to other campus buildings.

Reserving Annette Caldwell Simmons Room 218

Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall Room 218 has state-of-the-art technology ideal for innovative teaching in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment.  The Simmons School takes requests from the SMU community to use this room for credit-bearing and other courses to support the learning of all SMU students.  To submit a request, please submit the attached form to Lauren Gilmore at  Requests are due during the scheduling period designated by the Registrar's Office and consideration will be given on the basis of availability and how the technology will improve the class. The request form can be downloaded here.

Teacher Development Studio

Simmons Website 

Information on creating content and maintaining information on the Simmons website can be found here

Slate Resources

Helpful documents concerning Slate may be found here. 


A complete list of Simmons website alias are here.

Departmental Email Addresses

A complete list of Simmons' departmental email addresses are here. 

Digital Signage in Annette Simmons Hall and Harold Simmons Hall

The Flat-Screen panels found in the hallways on all floors in the two Simmons buildings are reserved for Simmons programs and SMU organizations. Complete and submit a form to request to add your SMU slide to the carousel.

Simmons Fun Photos

Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall

Floor plans and other building-related materials available here

Harold Clark Simmons Hall

Floor plans and other building-related materials available here

Graphics Request Form

Requests for custom graphics for Simmons-related events, meetings, social media etc. can be completed here