"Reymundo Cervantes-Guajardo, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class 2020

Reymundo Cervantes-Guajardo

Principal at Henry B. Gonzalez Personalized Learning Academy – Dallas ISD
M.Ed. Southern Methodist University
B.S. Universidad Regiomontana
B.S. Institute de Formation Internationale

"Education is the cornerstone of all professions. As a school leader in this rapidly changing world, I believe in the power of school communities to transform public education by empowering adults and children to collaborate, use innovative thinking, and become globally competent role models in our society."

Lourdes Garduno, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2021

Lourdes Garduno

Principal, Winnetka Elementary- Dallas ISD
M.Ed., Texas Woman's University
B.S., Texas Woman's University

Cheryl Nevels, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2021

Cheryl Nevels

Executive Director, P-TECH & Early College Programs- Dallas ISD
M.Ed., Texas A&M University- Commerce
B.A., Texas A&M University- Commerce

“Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.”- Rita Pierson As a champion for children, I want to continually advocate for educational equity and access to high quality educational programs, as there is no higher charge, no precedence more important than a quality education for all."

Phillip Potter, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2021

Phillip Potter

Principal, Walnut Hill Elementary- Dallas ISD
M.Ed., University of North Texas
M.M., Depaul University
B.M., University of Cincinnati

“The purpose of education is to aspire to the highest form of human art, the shaping of lives, to expose our children to beauty, curiosity, and wonder that creates the richest human experience."

Ellen Alexandrakis, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Ellen Alexandrakis

English Teacher, Dallas International School
M.A., Columbia University
B.A., Southwestern University

"Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."

Jameile Choice, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Jameile Choice

Principal, New Technology High School- Dallas ISD
M.Ed., University of North Texas
B.A., Letourneau University

"Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world.” Nelson Mandela. As a leader, it is my charge to promote equity amongst all learners and advocate for undeserved populations so that they develop the passion and courage to become innovators and change makers. I believe that the goal of education is to empower generations exponentially to utilize their gifts and acquire the skills necessary to live out their dreams and make remarkable contributions to the world around them."

Erin Crosby, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Erin O. Crosby

Director of Women's Empowerment and Racial Justice, YWCA Greenwich
M.S., Boston University
B.A., Southern Methodist University

Co-Presenter: Partnering to Support Learning. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). Atlanta. February 29, 2020.

Publication: Implementing Professional Learning Communities in the Social Sector to Improve Students’ Educational Outcomes. American Educational Research Association (AERA). July 2020.

Recipient: Faculty-Staff Volunteer of the Year Award, Hilltop Excellence Awards. SMU. May 2020.

"As a community development practitioner within PK-12 education, my mission is to equip cross-sector partners to collaboratively “reimagine, reform, resist and recreate” systems that have produced poverty, achievement gaps and disempowerment. By creating an equitable education system, we fulfill a promise to our children and we offer society hope for liberation."

Janine Fields, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Janine Fields

Chief of Staff, Cedar Hill ISD
M.A., City University
B.A., Western Washington University

"A high-quality education for all is essential for individual development, equity of opportunity, and the advancement of a global society that supports democratic principles. It is our moral imperative to question education’s status quo, strive for continuous improvement, and seek effective solutions on behalf of students, ultimately improving the future for all.”

Tiffany Gilmore, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Tiffany Gilmore

Director of Guidance and Counseling, Garland ISD
M.Ed., Texas A&M University- Commerce
M.S., Texas Woman's University
B.A., University of North Texas

"As educators, we are responsible for helping students cultivate the life of their dreams. My mission is to facilitate learning opportunities that challenge student thinking, leverage resources to ignite student interest, create partnerships and programming to support the needs of families, and engage students in activities that foster creativity.”

Justin James, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Justin James

House Principal, McKinney High School - McKinney ISD
M.Ed., University of North Texas
B.A., Southwestern Assemblies of God University

"The investments leaders make in education today will create great rewards in the lives of the next generation. That is why it is my mission to foster opportunities that create leaders, learners, and lovers of life to ensure empowerment and hope for all through their educational experience.”

Tomika Johnson, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Tomika Johnson

Principal, Walter Wilkinson Middle School - Mesquite ISD
M.Ed., Prairie View A&M University
B.S., Jarvis Christian College

"Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education." -Martin Luther King Jr.....It is my mission to foster a never ending LOVE for learning in students and teachers that empowers them to continuously strive for excellence in everything they do. Being a servant leader allows me the opportunity to grow students and teachers, as well as, model for them the character traits that will allow them to impact themselves and others.”

Jamie Lakey, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Jamie Lakey

Principal, Cobb Middle School- Frisco ISD
M.Ed., Middle Tennessee University
B.B.A., Middle Tennessee University

"My passion is improving the practice of teaching through systematic and strategic professional learning practices. I believe that the educator is not only our greatest resource in the classroom, but also our greatest resource for system-wide improvement.”

Derek Little, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Derek Little

Deputy Chief Academic Officer for Programs - Dallas ISD
M.Ed., The Broad Center
Ed.S., Northwestern State University
B.S., Tulane University

"Working in education connects deeply to my personal desire to help others transform their lives. That transformation can lead to greater opportunity and equity for all. In the end, my hope is the students I served have not only transformed their life and elevated their potential, but also deepened their desire to serve others in the process."

Lisa Lovato, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Lisa Lovato

Personalized Learning & Innovation Specialist - Mesquite ISD
M.Ed., University of Texas at Arlington
B.A., University of North Texas

"The purpose of education is to remove barriers in order to create a true opportunity for our youth to realize how their passions and aptitudes impact their ability to contribute to a global society.  By investing in individualized, academic and non-academic student plans and developing leadership attributes along with a growth mindset, districts have the opportunity to help each and every student identify their pathway of learning. When we empower our learners to work in a space that is meaningful and maximizes their authentic potential, opportunities are endless."

Sarah Petelik, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Sarah Petelik

Assistant Principal, Furlough Middle School - Terrell ISD
M.Ed., Southern Methodist University
B.A., Elon University

"The purpose of education is to enable youth to be college ready, career ready, or future ready through rigorous academics, character development, and social/emotional flourishing. It is important to empower and build the capacity of educators in order for them to make the greatest impact on our youth.”

Cloris Rangel, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Cloris Rangel

Executive Director of Bilingual ESL Department - Fort Worth ISD
M.B.E., Southern Methodist University
B.S., Texas Woman's University

"The purpose of education is to provide equitable access and opportunities for all children to become empowered and productive citizens. As educators and leaders, it is our duty to advocate, educate, and collaborate for all of our students to have the best education possible every single day. It is the responsibility of our school system to include high  standards in academics, human flourishing, and character development. It takes hope, love, and ganas to stay true to the purpose and goals of education for all students.”

Danielle Riddick, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Danielle Riddick

Principal, Lister Elementary- Garland ISD
M.Ed.,University of North Texas
B.S., University of Texas at El Paso

"As leaders in education, we must pave the way in ensuring that we have the right people at all levels of the education system strategically advocating, creating access, making accommodations, and implementing the means necessary so that all children can learn, grow, and blossom into the best version of themselves.”

Alexandra Sabater, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Alexandra Sabater

Elementary Director, Spanish World School 
M.B.E., Southern Methodist University
B.A., Tulane University

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." John F. Kennedy. With historic roots in our own community, this quote captures the immense responsibilities and profound joys of leading schools for learning, for we too arrive on campus ready to grow through authentic, critical challenges and intentional, principled reflection every day. School leaders create cultures of meaningful learning by modeling the values we seek to grow in our students and our teachers: curiosity, creativity, and humility.”

Emmanuel Trevino, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Class of 2022

Emmanuel Trevino

Assistant Principal, R. E. Good Elementary - Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
M.B.E., Southern Methodist University
B.S., University of North Texas

"Every moment as an educator is an opportunity to teach and cultivate respectful, mindful, and groundbreaking global citizens; those who question, challenge, and advocate for our world. With that comes great responsibility to provide an equitable education through research-based instructional practices, continuously grow our cultural competence, and also teach emotional intelligence. Each child deserves our very best and it is our duty to ensure we support them all to their highest excellence possible.”