Tuition and Fees

The full three-year program cost currently approved SMU tuition rates is $56,870.

The table below illustrates tuition and fees, which is the anticipated minimum for all students.

 $7,668  $5,112  $20,448 $22,698
 Fees   $1,000    $750    $500   $2,250
 Tuition   $7,668  $7,668  $5,112  $20,448 $22,448
 Fees     $750    $750    $500   $2,250

 Tuition   $7,668  $2,556    $10,224 $11,724
 Fees     $750    $750     $1,500
Total    $25,524  $20,142  $11,224  $56,870

*Every effort will be made to maintain these tuition rates for the full 3 years of the program, but cannot be guaranteed.

*This program does not qualify for the Teach for America (TFA) tuition rate.

Financial Aid

Financing your Ed.D. requires planning in savings and lifestyle choices, and many students finance their graduate education through a combination of institutional funding, federal aid, private educational loans, and other sources. Students are encouraged to seek financial assistance from their school districts and other organizations. More detailed information about federal financial aid can be found at the Office of Financial Aid.

The deadline to be considered for departmental scholarships is March 1, 2022.