Simmons Executive Board

The Simmons School Executive Board provides valuable support to the School’s efforts to increase local, regional, and national prominence in the areas of education and human development research, practice, reform, and initiatives. Leaders within the education and business communities contribute their time and resources to enhancing Simmons programs and attracting outstanding students. Selected by the Dean, Board members represent influence, expertise, and diversity.


Kelvin L. Beachum, Jr. '10, '12
Francie Moody-Dahlberg '92
Meredith Miller Bebee Connie Blass O'Neill '77, Vice-Chair
Julia Berle '17
Drexell Owusu
Tricia Rippey Besing The Honorable Jeanne L. Phillips '76, Chair
Lottye Brodsky-Lyle, Ph.D. Gigi Glisson Poglitsch '69, '72
Russell W. Budd, Esq. Michal Powell '79
Preston Butcher  Amy Ford Prestidge '95
Brent E. Christopher The Honorable Eric M. Reeves
Richard H. Collins '69
Carol Paris Seay '66, '71
Calvert S. Collins-Bratton
The Honorable Florence D. Shapiro
Carter Creech '60, '63
Connie M. Sigel '85
Katherine Raymond Crow '94
Annette Caldwell Simmons '57
Robert H. Dedman, Jr. '80, '84
Lisa K. Simmons
Ossa G. Fisher
Rebecca E. Szelc
Olamaie G. Fojtasek '97
George Tang
Brill A. Garrett
Gail O. Turner
Michael Goss
Margaret Dehlinger Wildenthal '78
Carla Conley Haynes-Clowe '74
Jamie Gilmer Williams '68, '75, '92, '03
Nancy Ann Hunter Hunt '65
Todd A. Williams
George W. Klilebrew, IV '85
Philip J. Wise '78, '81
Paige Rippey Locke
Linus D. Wright
Paul B. Loyd, Jr. '68
Melanie L. Wright '71, '83, '05
Biegel Macaraeg '05
Catherine Zollars, Ph.D.
David McCombs