This section provides information to SMU academic and administrative departments about the process for obtaining goods and services and the role of the Office of Legal Affairs in reviewing contracts.

With limited exceptions, only the President of the University, a Vice President or the Treasurer has authority to sign a contract on behalf of SMU. In most cases, approval of the Office of Legal Affairs is required before an officer will sign a contract.

Before SMU signs a contract to meet a department’s needs, the department must comply with all University and departmental policies and procedures. This process includes obtaining budget approval and complying with SMU and departmental requirements for obtaining bids. The department should coordinate with SMU Purchasing, Human Resources, Research Administration, Information Technology and Risk Management, as appropriate.

Office of Legal Affairs

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Information on this website is provided by the SMU Office of Legal Affairs for the benefit of the faculty, staff, and students of the SMU community. It is not intended as legal advice or as an opinion on specific circumstances. The attorneys of the SMU Office of Legal Affairs are available to assist you in working through any of these topics, as well as a variety of other university-related matters.