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Arts entrepreneurs create. While creating opportunities, jobs, culture, products and services, they help drive our economy. Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship students are taught to know and grow their audience and customer base and to serve heroically as they create. Whether used to create a for-profit business, a nonprofit or a “business of one,” arts entrepreneurship techniques will increase artists’ chances of making a living in the arts.

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU

The minor in arts entrepreneurship at the Meadows School of the Arts provides an overview of how to think entrepreneurially and how to develop and launch a new arts venture for either a for-profit or nonprofit enterprise. It includes course topics such as Developing an Arts Venture Plan and Attracting Capital: Donors, Investors, and Public Funds. Learn more about the minor


While still in school, explore our classes and discover the wide array of topics for study and professional development.


The Faculty of the Department of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship represent a wide range of experiences, interests and backgrounds. Explore our list of Faculty and Staff.

Arts Entrepreneurship Blog

Stay up to date on the latest trends, topics, and resources in arts entrepreneurship with our blog, curated by Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU. Read the blog

Useful Advice for Arts Entrepreneurs

Read more about useful advice for aspiring and current Arts Entrepreneurs.

Powerful Tools for Arts Entrepreneurs

Find out powerful tools for Arts Entrepreneurs which help them begin communicating and building audiences across the globe.

Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel

Subscribe to Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel and find out interesting interviews.

Web Resources and Tools

You can find articles, journals and other material relevant to the movement of arts entrepreneurship, in addition to a list of tools that arts entrepreneurs often find useful, on our website. Read more