Meadows Students Reflect on Their Goals and Aspirations for Spring 2024

Students are focusing on pursuing personal and academic goals, as well as self-care, during the new year.

Meadows theatre students perform in one of the many stage productions put on each school year.
Meadows students look forward to many exciting opportunities in 2024, including participating in the many stage productions put on by the Division of Theatre.

Before we entered a new year and semester, we interviewed several students from a variety of majors to find out what they were looking forward to in the spring semester of 2024. We asked them about their goals both personal and academic, and what they were most excited about. Here’s what they had to say: 

Caleb Gould, Junior | Journalism

I’m looking forward to writing songs, the Meadows spring vocal concert, and to stop procrastinating. 

Jason Hanes, Junior | Theatre

This spring I’ll be directing a couple of plays in The Rep called References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, which I’m really looking forward to. My family got a new dog, and I'm also excited to see all the plays in The Rep.

Ayaha Hariyama, Junior | Music Therapy

This semester I plan to focus on self-care, making sure I’m getting enough sleep and exercise, and I’m excited about doing music therapy field work and singing! 

Sylvia Lu, Junior | Music Performance-Harp

I’m definitely going to try and get more sleep this semester and I'm excited to do more music collaboration. I’m also really excited about the Meadows at the Meyerson concert. 

Lauren Reeves, Senior | Theatre

I’m looking forward to a reading I’ll be doing in NYC this spring, the play Passage, which is part of SMU's The Rep play cycle, and to be more patient with my art. 

Addison Vaughn, Senior | Theatre

I’m excited for my first professional gig as an assistant director with Kitchen Dog Theatre. I’ll also be directing The Cake, one of the three plays in The Rep that happens every spring at Meadows.