John Holiday ’07 Performs at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera

Meadows alum and countertenor John Holiday (B.M. ’07) is currently performing in the opera The Hours at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

Headshot of Meadows alum John Holiday '07
John Holiday '07

Meadows alum John Holiday (B.M. ’07) is currently performing in the opera The Hours at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Playing The Man Under the Arch, Holiday is one of the few males with a named role in the opera, a distinction no doubt earned with his impressive countertenor voice.


Holiday, who was a Marian Anderson Vocal Award recipient and a finalist on the competition reality show The Voice, is no stranger to the Metropolitan Opera having previously performed at the venue in Matthew Aucoin’s Eurydice in 2021. His return to the venue is proof of the strong foundation of skills he has built over the years, which he credits to his time as a voice performance major at SMU.


“At Meadows, you’ve been given the tools, and your teachers, family and friends have helped to pour you a firm foundation [and] you get to decide what kind of house is built upon that foundation,” said Holiday in his commencement address for the Class of 2022 last May. “Over time, the ground underneath you may shift, but your education and network of fellow Mustangs will be there to help lend a hand.”


In addition to serving as last year’s commencement speaker, Holiday currently serves as a member of the Meadows 2050 Council, the school’s young alumni advisory group that is charged with shaping what Meadows is to become by the year 2050. Whether on stage or on a council, Holiday is doing big things with his talent.


If you’re in the New York area, you can catch Holiday in The Hours in the two remaining performances on December 10 and 15! Learn more here.


Holiday’s Met performance is one of many exciting Meadows-affiliated events taking place in New York City this December. To view a full list of events, click here.