Music Audition FAQs


How early should I register for my audition?

Since auditions/interviews are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend registering for an audition at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your preferred audition date. Audition registration closes once audition slots have filled or one week prior to the audition, whichever comes first. Audition registration is available starting in September. 

Is there a pre-screen video required?

Voice is the only area that requires a pre-screening video. Voice applicants interested in auditioning live for faculty (on-campus or virtual) are required to submit a pre-screen video by Nov. 1 if applying to SMU as Early Action or Early Decision, or by Dec. 1 if applying to SMU as Regular Decision or Early Decision II. Applicants will receive their pre-screening results within 2 weeks of the submission deadline. Audition registration instructions will be sent to voice applicants who successfully pass the pre-screen.

I live far away/I can’t attend a live audition date: can I submit a recording instead?

We do allow applicants to submit a recorded audition in lieu of a live audition. If you’re not able to attend a live audition date, we highly recommend that you visit campus and have a sample lesson with our faculty at another time. This is for your benefit so that way you can see our campus, meet our faculty, and meet our students.

How should I prepare my pre-screen or recorded audition videos?

Video recordings should clearly show you performing on your instrument. Recordings should be unedited, and without reverb. If an accompanist is required, please ensure that the accompaniment does not drown out your singing or playing.

Do I need to have an accompanist?

Accompanists are required for vocal auditions.  Accompanists are provided at no charge to vocalists who are auditioning live on campus.  Vocalists should bring their scores with them to the audition.  Vocalists will not have time to rehearse with their accompanist prior to their audition. If you plan on providing your own accompanist, please email at least two weeks prior to your audition.

How do I prepare the scores for my vocal audition?

Scores need to be clearly marked with metronome markings and any variations that are not indicated on the original score, such as unobvious breaths, etc.  Please present your sheet music in a notebook. Loose pieces of music are unacceptable, as are original scores that do not stay open for the accompanist.  Avoid plastic sleeves and please take great care while copying any music not to cut off any notes or distort the copy ratio to an illegible size. Pages should be double-sided to avoid numerous page turns for your accompanist.  There will not be time to rehearse with the pianist prior to the audition. At the audition, you will present your pieces to the accompanist and stand in the curved portion of the piano.

How long will my audition last?

Most undergraduate auditions will last anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes. 

When will I hear back about my audition result?

Students who audition by/on December 1 will receive their audition results by mid-December. Students who audition in January or February will receive their audition results by early March. Please note that in some smaller studios we may need to wait to finalize admission decisions until after all auditions have concluded in late February.

Will I be able to speak with a faculty member at my audition?

You will meet a faculty member during your audition and/or interview. There will be an opportunity for you to ask a few questions during your audition. However, we encourage all applicants to reach out to our faculty in advance to arrange a sample lesson. Many of our faculty are offering virtual sample lessons over Zoom or FaceTime. To arrange a sample lesson with faculty please email the faculty directly. Please request a lesson at least two weeks in advance.

What is the teacher request form?

The teacher request form is where you can share your Meadows music teacher preference for applied lessons. This teacher request form has no bearing on our admission or scholarship decision; it is used only to designate a faculty member as your primary contact. You should, however, feel free to contact any member of the faculty with questions about our programs. We consider your teacher request carefully but cannot guarantee a teacher assignment due to the necessity of balancing faculty loads.

Will recorded audition submissions be considered for artistic scholarship?

Yes! All music audition types (on-campus or recorded) are equally considered for artistic scholarship.

Can I be eligible for an artistic scholarship as a music minor?
No. Only music majors are eligible for artistic scholarship.

Is there a separate application for consideration of artistic scholarship?

There is no separate application for Meadows artistic scholarships, fellowships, funding, etc. All undergraduate applicants are automatically considered for scholarships and funding opportunities through your application and audition. Read more about Meadows scholarships and financial aid.

When can I expect to hear about any scholarship and funding opportunities?

We do not award any artistic scholarships until after we have concluded all of our auditions for the year. We begin to release scholarship decisions in mid to late March. Please be sure to submit your FAFSA and CSS Profile to SMU as soon as possible. You will not hear about any artistic scholarship offers until the Financial Aid office has processed your FAFSA and CSS Profile forms. If you do not plan on submitting the FAFSA or CSS Profile for need-based financial aid consideration, you must submit the Meadows FAFSA/CSS Waiver Form.  See for details about Meadows financial aid/scholarships.

While international students are considered for Meadows artistic scholarships and SMU academic scholarships, they are not eligible for U.S. government financial aid (FAFSA).

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