Undergraduate Studies

Combining engineering, computer science, the arts and humanities, creative computation uses technology as a powerful medium to create 2D and 3D works of art, augmented performance, intelligent physical spaces and real-time interactivity. 

It is increasingly used for immersive museum exhibits, interactive installations, scientific data research, television commercials, music videos and more.

Highly interdisciplinary and inclusive of all areas of study at SMU, the program explores how code, as a universal generative medium, can smudge, drip, slither and substantively disrupt established traditional frameworks and processes to arrive at new iterations of expression and utility.

The program is rigorous in its interdisciplinary integration, enabling students to pursue core coursework in both the Meadows School of the Arts and Lyle School of Engineering. 

Learn more about the B.A. in Creative Computing and the Minor in Creative Computing.


Questions about the creative computing program? Contact:
Ira Greenberg
Director, Center of Creative Computation and Professor, Computer Science and Engineering