Brittni Watkins

Creative Computation

Adjunct Instructor


Brittni Watkins is a graduate of both SMU Lyle School of Engineering and SMU Meadows School of the Arts. From Meadows, Watkins earned her bachelor’s degree in creative computing with minors in computer science and music. While earning her undergraduate degree, she worked as a teaching assistant, research assistant and tutor for SMU’s Center of Creative Computation. While earning her master’s degree, she worked as a teaching assistant for the Computer Science department. Watkins has had a lifelong interest in teaching but only began coding during her second semester of college. She now has a vast array of interests in the computer science field, including data visualization, data organization, artificial intelligence and interdisciplinary computing. Above all, Watkins loves writing code and learning new programming languages.

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M.S. in Computer Science, Southern Methodist University, 2019
B.A. in Creative Computing, Southern Methodist University, 2017

Recent Work

2018. Watkins, Brittni. “Chord Progressions in Haskell.” International Conference on Functional Programming, St. Louis, Mo.
Watkins, Brittni. “Protobyte, Creative Coding and Me.” Southern Methodist University, 8 Oct. 2015,

Course list

Creative Coding I CRCP 1310/ASIM 1310 (Java and Processing)
Creative Coding II CRCP 3305/ASIM 3305 (C++ and OpenFrameworks)
Brittni Watkins