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Internships offer a real-world opportunity for students to apply the principles learned in various advertising courses at a top advertising agency, design or media firm, branding company, or marketing and public relations organization. Students may be placed for the fall, spring or summer terms. Through weekly, midterm and final reports, the completion of an essay and the satisfactory accomplishment of 50, 100 or 150 hours of work, a student may earn one, two or three academic credit hours respectively.

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Advertising majors have a number of local and national scholarship opportunities available to them. These scholarships range in size from $1,000 to 10,000+ dollars per academic year. The Institute actively encourages eligible students to apply for scholarships and provides application support, as needed.

Industry Immersion

In addition to internships, TAI offers several industry immersion courses that allow students to get a taste of different agencies in an important advertising market. These courses are usually offered during the January and May terms and allow students to earn up to 3 hours of Advertising course credit in two weeks or less. Recent courses have been based in Dallas and New York City.

Industry Press and Associations

Know the publications and websites that industry professionals live by. Read them. Absorb them. Many trade periodicals have student discounts. View a full list of advertising industry press and associations

Clubs and Student Competitions

Students in the Temerlin Advertising Institute have the opportunity to participate in the SMU Ad Club as well as numerous student advertising competitions. Learn more about clubs and student competitions at TAI

Education Abroad

TAI students have a number of study abroad opportunities available to them, including SMU-in-London: Communications, a rewarding summer program, and other programs available through the SMU Abroad office. Because the B.A. in Advertising coursework is sequential and lock-step, it’s important to plan ahead for studying abroad. Advertising majors can easily study abroad during the interterms (summer, winter). Students interested in studying abroad during a fall or spring term, or for an academic year, are encouraged to do so before starting or after completing the Advertising requirements.