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Internships & Class Clients

Situated in a top five advertising and media market, the Temerlin Advertising Institute is next door to dozens of national and global corporations. This allows the Institute to offer its students the optimal blend of theory and practical application. They work for real clients and have the opportunity to further hone their skills through internships, both in the Dallas area and beyond.


Internships offer a real-world opportunity for students to apply the principles learned in various advertising courses at a top advertising agency, design or media firm, branding company, or marketing and public relations organization. Advertising majors are encouraged to complete at least one internship prior to graduation. Students may request approval to earn course credit for an internship completed during the fall, spring or summer terms. Through weekly, midterm and final reports, the completion of an essay and the satisfactory accomplishment of 50, 100 or 150 hours or more of work, a student may earn one, two or three academic credit hours respectively. Students can also complete an internship without earning course credit.

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Class Clients

In the program capstone course, Advertising Campaigns, our senior students showcase their accumulated knowledge through an intensive practical exercise. Working in small agency groups, they vie for the new business of a client. The client is real, in the room and judging their performance. The problems and the budgets are real. Students investigate, plan, develop strategies, create integrated marketing campaigns and solve clients' advertising problems. We've worked with brands such as American Airlines, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Glidden, Nokia, Rockfish, Kinko's, Hyundai, Postal Vault, Toyota Matrix, Bank of America, Waste Management, Wingstop and FLA USA.

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