Faculty/Staff Bio Submission Form

Updating a bio already on the Meadows site

  • Simply copy and paste (in Microsoft word) your current bio as it appears on the Meadows website and indicate your changes in red text.
  • Add a “Teaching” category below your bio if you don’t already have one. You can either list the course numbers and titles, or, the topics you teach. See examples here and here.

Creating a new bio

Length and content

  • A 250-500 word description (or thereabouts) works just fine.
  • A “Teaching” section will be added below your bio. You can either list the topics you teach at Meadows (e.g., International Film History, American Film History …) or the course number and titles (e.g., FILM 1302 Contemporary Media Industries, FILM 2332 American Popular Film …). List only topics/courses you teach at Meadows.
  • If your citations and milestones make for a long list, curate a shorter list for the Meadows bio and post the rest on your personal website; we can provide a link to your personal website where readers can go for in-depth reading. (Be sure to send us the URL for your personal website.)

Contact info

  • Your name
  • Title at SMU Meadows
  • SMU Email address
  • SMU phone number
  • SMU office room number

Optional categories to add under your bio

  • Education
  • Publications, articles and essays
  • Distinctions
  • Professional Experience
  • Research, grants and fellowships
  • Links to your personal website or social media pages

Photo guidelines

  • Minimum size 1000 pixels wide, 1000 pixels tall (Hi-res) 
  • For multiple photos, either zip them in a single file and upload below, or use SMU box (formerly known as Locker) and send us a link. If the file size is too big and won’t let you upload in the form below, use SMU box.

Download this Microsoft word template or this example: Stephanie Langin-Hooper.

Please email meadows@smu.edu if you have any questions.