Meadows Events Calendar

The Meadows events calendar is intended for all Meadows family members (faculty, staff, and students) to be able to promote their events.

Events entered into the calendar automatically feed into the main Meadows website events listings. Events do not need to be considered an officially sponsored event to be included, but must be by or for Meadows constituents. Events planned by non-Meadows members or that are for limited, invitation-only audiences are not accepted.

The calendar is not an authoritative resource. All efforts are made to keep this calendar up to date but inaccuracies do arise. The Meadows Facilities and Events office (214.768.2713) maintains the official calendar of events for all events that use Meadows facilities and should be considered the authoritative source.

Please note that all Meadows facility usage must be reserved through the Meadows Facilities and Events office. Any events taking place in other facilities should be vetted through their respective channels.

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