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Marketing Project Request

Meadows faculty and staff may request assistance with marketing needs. Please submit the following form and your request will be reviewed. Be sure to give as much lead time as possible; one month is recommended to allow for rewrites, design, production and delivery. Submitted copy may be edited. If you are making web update request, please be sure to include URLs (hyperlinks) of all relevant pages.

Due to the large number of requests received from all Meadows Divisions, not all requests can be accommodated. Questions? Email meadows@smu.edu.

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Requestor Information
Project Information
Date Needed
Due to repairs, the digital signs are unavailable until further notice.
Updates to be made

Please select one or more to specify what kind of request it is. Feel free to add information about these updates in "Additional comments" text box
Upload document(s) necessary for this project request. If you have more than 5 documents to upload than please put it on dropbox, onedrive, google drive, flickr etc. and send us the link.

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