Caruth Auditorium

Concert performances are presented in Caruth Auditorium, a 490-seat concert hall with an acoustical construction that can be "tuned" for any type of musical presentation. Caruth Auditorium is also the home of the splendid C.B. Fisk Opus 101, a 51-stop, 3681-pipe organ used for recitals as well as symphonic and choral concerts.

Caruth Auditorium Fisk Organ, Opus 101

September 1993 marked the culmination of a nine-year process of planning, construction, installation and voicing of a new tracker organ in Caruth Auditorium. Built by C.B. Fisk, Inc., of Gloucester, Massachusetts, their Opus 101 is a three-manual 51-stop, 3,681-pipe instrument comprising tonal design elements from German and French Baroque, French Romantic and more modern inspirations. Replacing the free-standing Aeolian-Skinner organ previously located in Caruth, the Fisk organ combines eclectic tonal design with a stunning mahogany case. The visual design was developed by Charles L. Nazarian, design consultant, with members of the Fisk shop. The case is highlighted by hammered spotted metal façade pipes, gold leaf, deep teal panels and black detailing. Learn more about the Caruth Auditorium Fisk Organ, Opus 101


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