Pioneer the Future of Data Management and Security

Elevate your career with a Master of Science in Data Engineering, tailored for professionals and researchers who are ready for challenges in data systems design.

About the Program

As data becomes the cornerstone of business decisions and technological advancements, the demand for skilled data engineers has surged. Our Master of Science in Data Engineering is designed to meet this demand, offering comprehensive training in data acquisition, storage, management, security, and processing. Through a blend of theory and practical application, students will delve into analytics, machine learning, statistics, and database management, preparing them for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We equip students with a broad skill set and a deep understanding of the intricate challenges in designing robust data systems, ultimately preparing them for exciting careers and groundbreaking contributions in the data engineering domain.

To learn more about the program, contact Program Director, Mitchell Thornton.

The SMU Lyle Difference

  • Flexible

    Cover a spectrum of data engineering disciplines, from the basics of database management to the complexities of machine learning algorithms.

  • Holistic

    Develop proficiency in managing data through utilizing and providing comprehensive, dependable, and practical insights.

  • Agile

    Learn to adapt to new data sources, quickly evolving business needs, or shifts in data quality expectations.

Student Experience

Dr M Thornton

Industry-Leading Faculty

Students experience a curriculum designed by experienced faculty and highly experienced practitioners.

24/7 Resource Access

24/7 Resource Access

Students can access online resources - such as notes, course schedules, and even lectures, from anywhere.

Diverse Coursework

Diverse Coursework

Our coursework includes engaging lectures, quizzes, case studies, and more - accessible anytime, anywhere.


Flexible Learning


Flexible Learning


Tailor your experience with our LyleAnywhere™ flexible learning platform, providing a mixture of in-person or synchronous online classes. 

Jobs I Can Land

Jobs I Can Land

Potential roles include:

  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • ETL Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Quality
  • Engineer Data Architect

  • Data Engineering Research - DE

    Data Engineering Research

    Our research opportunities include:

    • SW Development
    • Digital Logic
    • Embedded Systems
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Processing
    • Data Security

    Admissions Requirements


    In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering admission requirements for an M.S. degree, applicants are required to satisfy the following requirements: B.S. in one of the engineering disciplines, quantitative sciences, mathematics, or computer science. 


    Tuition and Fees

    For a complete graduate cost per semester click here.

    Application Deadlines

    The next start date is August 2024. The deadline for applications is July 15.