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Copyright Support


Welcome to SMU Libraries Copyright Support

We have developed this site in order to provide education and guidelines for SMU students, faculty, and community members in matters of copyright and intellectual property rights. Our pages are meant to assist you, providing information on copyright statutes, best practices for copyright compliance, subject specific copyright topics, and a designated e-mail contact for your questions about copyright. Please explore our site to find out more.

Copyright affects us all on a daily basis, whether in the classroom as students or instructors, or at home as consumers of popular entertainment. The purpose of this site is to help the SMU community to better understand how copyright law works and how best we all can remain compliant in the university setting. 

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Please note that information on these pages should not be considered professional legal advice. We are professional librarians with experience in copyright education, licensing, instruction, and a bit of doctrinal analysis. We are not licensed to practice law, nor do we possess Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.