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[Cowboys in front of small house with thatch roof on ranch]

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Cowboys on Ranch, Barstow, Texas
W. G. Altenburgh, ca. 1900
Jones Collection

DeGolyer Library provides a range of reproduction options from photocopying to digital images. We are a non-profit institution and rely solely on our endowment for operating funds; therefore, we charge fees for imaging services to provide additional income for the expansion of our collections. Researchers are encouraged to consider how they plan to use the reproductions and to choose the option that most closely meets those needs, keeping in mind that

  • Fees apply, see fee schedule.
  • You must complete the appropriate form below to begin the imaging and permissions process.
  • The Library’s sale of a reproduction does not imply an authorization to publish it.
  • Some materials in our collections cannot be reproduced due to donor restrictions or preservations issues.
  • We do not produce prints, only digital files.
  • Upon completion of the appropriate form, it usually takes 3-5 business days to receive your invoice and approximately 2-3 weeks to receive your digital images.
  • Rush services are available for an additional fee.
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