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Transition to Co-Ed Housing at SMU

1971 - visitation rights were enacted and men and women now lived in adjacent dorms instead of in separate quads as previously.  The south quad was for freshmen and the north quad was for upperclassmen (Dallas Times Herald 5/28/72)

1972-73 - Cockrell-McIntosh and Morrison-McGinnis become two sets of adjoining men’s and women’s residence halls, instead of single-sex units as previously

1973 – Shuttles became co-ed and housed a living-learning section on one floor (sounds like Shuttles was set apart for experiments in living arrangements at SMU)

1975 - Mary Hay Hall was co-ed, although it is not clear if this is a new situation (DTH 1/6/75)

1975 - housing for returning students: Shuttles is all female, Snyder is all male, Boaz is co-ed by wing, and Mary Hay is co-ed by suite.

1978 – housing for returning students: Shuttles is all female, Snyder is co-ed by suite, and Boaz is co-ed by wing.

1984-85 – freshmen housing options: male (Cockrell, McGinnis, Letterman East, and Boaz) and female (McIntosh, Morrison, McElvaney, Letterman West and Boaz 1)

1987-88 – single-sex or co-ed housing options available for freshmen.  McElvaney is co-ed, and the rest of the south quad is single-sex.  All of the south quad except for McGinnis is freshman, and all the north quad except for Mary Hay is sophomore or above.  Mary Hay includes some freshmen who requested to live with upperclassmen.  All of the north quad except for Virginia (all female) is co-ed.

Below: Co-ed students on the steps of Cox Business School, 1976

Co-ed students on steps of Business School