2024 FAQs

The Jan Term preliminary course list will be visible on our website in September.  Courses will be visible in my.SMU early October.

The May Term and June-July preliminary course list will be visible on our website in December.  Courses will be visible in my.SMU early March.

For 2024, Jan Term, May Term, and June-July courses maintain an in-person modality.  Only certain courses have been approved for online offerings in Jan Term and Summer full sessions.  (Keyword search "online" in the Course Search Tool to see what is being offered.)

For Intersessions courses, current students enroll as they would for any other semester. Enrollment for Jan Term 2024 courses opens in my.SMU Monday, October 30, 2023.

NEW! Check my.SMU ahead of time for your enrollment appointment! Enrollment opens for all current students on October 30 for Jan Term 2024, but seniors and juniors (by hours) receive a priority enrollment window. For all other current students, enrollment opens at 12pm.

Enrollment opens for (current students) Time
Seniors (students with 90+ credit hours) 8 a.m.
Juniors (students with 60-89 credit hours) 10 a.m.
All other students (with≤ 59 credit hours 12 p.m.


Due to limited availability of seats in some courses, we encourage students to enroll at their appointment time! If you find that your preferred course is full, consider enrolling on the wait list OR in a back-up course.

Information about housing during Jan Term, May Term, and June-July can be found here.

Jan Term & May Term students enroll in only one course.  Students can take up to 14 credit hours in June-July

There are multiple sessions in Summer, but most courses are scheduled in the June or July sessions.  A more limited set of classes are offered in 11-day sessions scheduled in the first or second half of each month (June A, June B, and July A, July B).  Very few classes are offered in the longest session, the Combined session. 

Students taking multiple Summer courses may enroll in classes scheduled in any of the sessions, but as a rule, they should not enroll in more than 7 credit hours in the month of June & 7 credit hours in the month of July.

SMU-in-Taos is a separate office, and we recommend consulting with their staff about any questions.  They can be reached by email at smutaos@smu.edu, or check out their website for updates.
We always recommend consulting with your academic advisor on how Intersession courses might best serve you.  Intersessions staff is also available to assist when needed, especially as it relates to course availability, wait list, cancellation deadlines for refunds and other enrollment-related questions. Call 214.768.1009 or email intersessions@smu.edu for more information.
We are making every effort to make critical courses for seniors available.  You may always consult with your academic advisor or degree counselor for guidance as you chart your course to graduation.  You may also suggest a course for Jan Term, May Term, and/or Summer through our Wish List.
Intersessions tuition for 2024 is $1,674 per credit hour.  Most courses are 3 credit hours and cost $5,022.  Language courses with a lab are $6,696. No general student fees are assessed.  (Click here to see how much pro-rated SMU aid will be applied toward your tuition.)

SMU Students who already receive need- or merit-based financial aid through SMU can use our Financial Aid Calculator to determine how much pro-rated aid may be applied toward Intersessions tuition.  Use of SMU financial aid during Intersessions does not decrease the amount you are eligible for in future semesters. 

Financial aid is automatically applied in Jan Term & May Term.  Due to more complex Financial Aid rules for Summer, all 
students taking Summer courses must enroll and then request their financial aid be applied.

The Intersessions program also offers a need-based scholarship for Jan Term, May Term, and June-July.  Learn more here

Yes!  Please be sure to start your application process as soon as possible through the Visiting Student Services website.  If you wish to transfer credit to your home institution we strongly recommend you seek pre-approval of course equivalency before enrolling in your SMU course.