Intersessions offers compressed-format undergraduate courses on the Dallas campus & online. During Intersessions, students concentrate on only one or two courses at a time; this focus combined with smaller class sizes than in fall/spring help enhance the potential for intensive student engagement. Faculty are encouraged to use the concentrated time they have with students to take advantage of educational resources off-campus and provide promote unique educational experiences.  Some innovation funding is available to help support these initiatives.

Intersessions provides administrative oversight for Jan Term, May Term, and Summer 11-day courses on the Dallas Campus. We market and advertise ALL Dallas courses and help address student questions about enrollment, financial aid, and academic planning; however, administration of June (Summer 1), July (Summer 2), and Combined (Summer 3) sessions is conducted by departments and schools or colleges, just as in fall and spring.

Any full-time, visiting, adjunct, or emeritus faculty member can propose an Intersessions course. Proposed courses are vetted by the appropriate Department Chair(s), Dean, and the Provost before approval and addition to the Intersessions schedule.

Dallas Intersessions

Jan Term

  • 8 class days (longer for the online language classes offered over an extended session)
  • Students enroll in one course (credit hours vary by course).
  • Courses meet Monday, January 3 to Thursday, January 13.  Monday, January 10 is a reading day with no class meetings.
  • Courses meet 6 hours/day with meeting times from 9am - 4pm, with an hour lunch break.  
Propose a course in August for best consideration!

May Term

  • 11 class days
  • Students enroll in one course (credit hours vary by course).
  • Courses meet from Thursday, May 16 to Tuesday, May 31.
  • Faculty set their own class hours for a minimum of 4 hours/day*.  We ask that faculty not choose a start time before 9am. 

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June A/B & July A/B

  • 11 class days
  • Students may enroll in multiple courses in the summer term, but may only take one 11-day session at a time. See 11-day courses for more information.
  • Courses meet Monday-Friday for a minimum of 4 hours/day.*
    • June A: Wednesday, June 1 - Wednesday, June 15
    • June B: Thursday, June 16 - Thursday, June 30
    • July A: Tuesday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 19
    • July B: Wednesday, July 20 - Wednesday, August 3

Propose a course in October for best consideration!