Visiting Students


Information for Visiting Undergraduate Students

Not pursuing a degree at SMU?  You may be admitted as a visiting student by submitting an application to our Visiting Undergraduate Student Services office.  A complete application includes:

  • Submission of an online form
  • Current official transcript
  • "Good Standing" form
  • $75 application fee

If you wish to transfer credit to your home institution we strongly recommend you seek pre-approval of course equivalency before enrolling in your SMU course.

For more information or assistance
Contact the SMU Visiting Undergraduate Student Services
Phone: 214-768-4272

2021 Undergraduate Tuition

No general student fees are assessed, though some specific courses may charge fees (e.g., travel or lab fees).

1 credit hour (e.g., a PRW or lab course)
3 credit hours (most courses fall under this category)
4 credit hours (e.g., language courses with a lab)