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The Department of Anthropology offers two degree programs: the MA in Medical Anthropology and the Ph.D. in Anthropology (with an MA awarded en route to the Ph.D.). In the Ph.D. program students concentrate either in Cultural Anthropology or in Archaeology. Within Cultural Anthropology students may specialize in Medical Anthropology or on Globalization Issues such as Development, Gender, and Migration; Archaeology students concentrate on New World Archaeology.

Our research-oriented programs are designed to produce creative, energetic, articulate, and literate scholars. We endeavor to produce anthropologists whose research is sufficiently innovative to attract the notice of their peers, who will seek and receive research funding, and who will apply their training to the constructive help of the human groups with whom they work. It is our aim to train students in specialized skills based upon their broad understanding of the human condition acquired before entering our programs. [n addition to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to being an effective professional anthropologist, our students will bring to their practice a sense of exactitude, fervor, and ethical responsibility.

Admission Requirements

  • At least a 3.00 grade point average and a Graduate Record Examination combined score 1200 (old scoring) 310 (new scoring). A Bachelor's degree with either a major in Anthropology or at least 12 semester hours of junior and senior level anthropology courses.
  • Strong letters of recommendation from your major professors and a well-written "Statement of Purpose" outlining your reasons for wanting to join our Department.

Degrees Offered

MA in Medical Anthropology

  • A minimum of 36 semester hours of coursework.
  • Preparation, presentation, and defense of an internship report.
  • A two-hour oral examination.

Ph.D. in Anthropology (Specializations in archaeology and cultural anthropology)

  • A minimum of 54 semester hours of coursework.
  • A foreign language examination.
  • A Master's-level examination on the specialization (either archaeology or cultural anthropology) [the M.A. in Anthropology will be awarded upon passing this exam.]
  • A PhD Qualifying Examination and a proposal defense.
  • A doctoral-level research project, written up into a dissertation to be defended at a public oral examination, and submitted in final form acceptable to the dissertation committee.

Deadlines for Admission

Final deadline for fall admission is January 15.

Department Assistantships

All applications to be considered for department assistantships must be completed by the deadline of January 15.   

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