JCPenney Center for Retail Excellence

How do shoppers spend their money?

Why are they loyal to certain retailers—and what causes them to switch? At the JCPenney Center, students and researchers alike examine these questions and analyze how retailers' actions affect consumer behavior. Industry presentations, networking, internships and coursework prepare students for careers in the fast-moving retail industry.

"Dallas-Fort Worth is ... home to national and regional offices for many, many retail companies, so the Center should have very fertile soil in which to cultivate its programs."

—Gary L. Davis, retired chief human resources and administrative officer, JCPenney

Supporting Student Success

computer on deskThe JCPenney Center is the leading source of academic expertise on consumer shopping behavior. Through its programming, students enrich their education and prepare for the wide range of careers available in the retail industry. Student-focused offerings include:

  • Company-sponsored presentations
  • Networking opportunities with retail industry executives
  • Student internships
  • Scholarship for students pursuing retailing careers

Affiliated Academic Departments

Department Of Marketing

This department delivers powerful programs emphasizing the art and science of marketing. It prepares students at every level to conduct meaningful research in a highly data-driven real world. Its tagline: Managerially focused and empirically driven.

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Edward FoxDr. Edward Fox
Professor and Chair in Marketing
Marilyn and Leo Corrigan Research Professor
W.R. & Judy Howell Director, JCPenney Center for Retail Excellence

Dr. Fox is an expert in retail management and shopping behavior. In addition to his distinguished academic career, he is a highly regarded marketing consultant and thought leader. He re-engineered a market-driven approach to packaged goods retailing and authored a series of guides to retail category management. Dr. Fox’s articles and opinions appear in top academic journals and well-known outlets such as the New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

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