BBA Business Leadership Institute

The Edwin L. Cox BBA Business Leadership Institute

The mission of the Edwin L. Cox BBA Business Leadership Institute is to lead students toward professional success by helping them become more effective communicators and leaders.

The BLI encourages students to:

  1. Understand communication strategies within organizations.
  2. Realize how cultural diversity and global expansion affect business communication.
  3. Exercise knowledge through experiential learning to develop demonstrable communication skills for improved business impact.
  4. Develop a communication package necessary for initiating and managing a business career to include:
    a. Statement of career objectives plan.
    b. Professional resume and cover letter.
    c. Written answers to sample business interview question.
  5. Review the fundamentals of correct usage of the English language.

The BLI employs a variety of learning techniques to impart key concepts and applied skills while exposing students to the real world of business, including the nonprofit sector. Instruction includes lecture, class discussion, self-assessments, small group projects, simulations, recorded individual business presentations, team presentations, corporate capstones, coaching, and guest speakers.