The business of marketing is exploding, and Cox is at the forefront.

Home of the first academic institute devoted to the study of customer engagement and loyalty, as well as a Center of Excellence for the study of consumer behavior, the department offers powerful programs that emphasize the art and science of marketing. We prepare students at every level to conduct meaningful research in a highly data-driven real world. Our tagline: Managerially focused and empirically driven.

Degrees and Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Marketing

Master of Business Administration with a Concentration or Minor in Marketing

Master of Science in Business Analytics 

Affiliated Research Centers

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The Brierley Institute For Customer Engagement

The Institute brings together students, professors and practitioners to investigate how consumers engage with brands: What drives customer loyalty and value? Through innovative learning experiences, students gain practical tools to flourish in the marketing field.

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The JCPenney Center For Retail Excellence

How do shoppers spend their money? Why are they loyal to certain retailers—and what causes them to switch? At the JCPenney Center, faculty and students focus on these questions and analyze how retailers' activities drive and are driven by consumer behavior. An engaging speaker series with industry presentations and networking opportunities dovetails with classwork to help prepare students for careers in the rapidly-changing retail sector. Learn more about the JCPenney Center

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Featured Faculty & Recent Research Insights

How did consumer behavior change during the Great Recession? Marketing Professor Chaoqun Chen’s analysis spanned income levels.

Her findings uncover truths about how consumers adjusted to a new normal in their weekly treks. While grocery stores had been the dominant retail format for food and related items for decades, with discount stores such as Target and Walmart growing their market share in the years preceding the recession, starting in 2008 consumers changed where they shopped—but their grocery budgets remained largely unchanged.Based on her findings, Chen examines current trends and concludes that new formats may be more effective than price competition in the post-recession retail world.

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Meet our featured faculty

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Edward Fox

Marilyn and Leo Corrigan Professor of Marketing

Marketing Department Chair

West Point to Wharton, crunching relevant retail numbers and researching buyer behavior, Dr. Fox is also on the cutting edge of tech-assisted teaching.

Headshot of Milica Mormann, Professor

Milica Mormann

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Mili's work examining consumer behavior and decision-making, with a focus on visual and attentional processes that drive behavior appears in academic journals and the Wall Street Journal, CNN’s iReport and Time.

headshot of Michael Braun, professor

Michael Braun

Associate Professor

Marilyn and Leo F. Corrigan Research Professor

Michael trains the next generation of business leaders to use customer data to address real-world managerial problems. A leader in the field, he publishes and speaks about cutting-edge management and marketing topics.