What Does The Niemi Center Do?

About the Niemi Center

The Niemi Center’s flagship program provides undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to be involved in impactful and world-changing research on campus and at the George W. Bush Institute to drive positive change in the world.

The Niemi Center also provides students the context in which they will work by providing a history and analysis of American capitalism and how dynamics are changing. Courses to SMU students and the community provide the knowledge and tools to navigate and positively change today's business landscape. The Niemi Center is developing principled leaders and influencing the way the world does business, one student at a time.

How Was The Niemi Center Founded?

The Niemi Center is named in honor of Dean Albert W. Niemi who has spent 20 years at SMU as an administrator and professor with the Edwin L. Cox School of Business. Through his visionary leadership and constant focus on the needs of students and faculty, he has helped build one of the most prominent business schools in the country. Dean Niemi often speaks about competitive markets and economic freedom and he believes in developing driven, high-achieving leaders who are dedicated to making a global impact. He is an inspiring role model for all of us. The Center in his name honors Dean Niemi’s legacy and puts the tenets of his leadership, teaching, and research into action through research fellowships, academic programs, and community outreach. Click below to hear from Dean Niemi as to how the center came into existence.

What Does Dean Niemi Have To Say About The Center Named In His Honor?

Hear from the Center’s namesake, Dean Al Niemi, on his outlook for The Niemi Center and what it means to him.