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The Cox Career Management Center wants to help you find the most qualified candidates to grow your organization. The Cox community represents a diverse and talented network. Our employers and corporate partners contribute to the strength and success of this community.

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Hire Cox Students

Whether your organization needs interns, recent graduates, or experienced alumni, the Cox CMC offers various recruiting options, with the ability to connect on-campus or virtually. We encourage you to connect with us to let us know about your organization’s recruiting goals so we can best meet your needs.

Diversity and Inclusion

SMU Cox is home to several different student-run organization both at the undergraduate and graduate level committed to supporting and increasing diversity at Cox School of Business. Throughout the year, these student run clubs host networking and professional development events and are open to all students. Click here to learn more about Cox Diversity & Inclusion initiatives or connect with our Career Management Center team to learn about upcoming events. 

Sponsorship of Employment Resources

From Sponsorship of Employment: How To Sponsor a Foreign Employee

From U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services: How do I sponsor an employee for U.S. permanent resident status?

Engagement Opportunities


Handshake - start your partnership with SMU Cox by creating an account on our job platform, Handshake, connecting with SMU, and posting your jobs/internships

Event Promotion - include your upcoming events in CMC weekly newsletters and promotions to students


Info Sessions/ Panels - share information about your company and opportunities to Cox students, virtually or in-person, in a presentation format or panel Q&A session

Resume Books - the CMC team will coordinate a book of interested candidates' resumes for your specific open role

Coffee Chats - one-on-one or small group informal chats that will allow you to interact with students in a personalized setting

Grab N' Go Table - share information about your company and build brand awareness with a table on campus in a prime location to engage students as they walk by for quick chats and giveaways


Career Fairs/ Roundtables - large recruitment events, held each Fall and Spring, targeted to industry

Interviews - conduct virtual or on-campus interviews that are customized to your needs

Career Accelerator Program (CAP) - Recruit 1st year BBA scholars for a summer internship or short project to help support their career exploration in this Cox Exclusive development program

Give Back

Mentorship - discover the many mentorship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students

Volunteer Opportunities - help prepare our students for future opportunities by participating in one or more of our volunteer opportunities including mock interviews, exploration events, panels, resume reviews, and class visits

How to Post to Handshake

Jobs can be posted in SMU’s job board, Handshake. This is a free service to employers and the primary resource that our students and alumni use to search for jobs and internships.

  • If you are a new employer, you will need to Create an Employer User Account, Join a Company, and Connect with Schools by going to
  • For step by step instructions, please click here.
  • Once you have completed the employer account, it will go for approval. Please email us at, once you have completed that first step. Once approved, you will be able to create your job postings.
  • To Create a Job Posting, you will begin by logging into the platform and clickingPost a Job from your home dashboard.
  • For step by step instructions, please click here.
  • Once you have completed your job posting, it will also go for approval. Please email us at to notify us your job is ready for approval.

Recruitment Policy

SMU Cox asks employers keep offers open for a minimum of three (3) weeks following the student’s receipt of the written offer. This allows students to complete any in-progress interviews to which they have already committed and make an informed decision. Providing ample time for students to consider offers also reflects positively upon your corporate culture, giving students confidence they will ultimately be treated well as an employee. Finally, while it is against the SMU Cox code of conduct for students to renege on offers and doing so typically results in permanent loss of access to our services, students have been known to renege if they feel forced into signing an offer due to a very tight acceptance timeline. Allowing a minimum of three weeks not only benefits the student but has proven to be a best practice for companies to yield top talent. Thank you for abiding by this guideline when recruiting from SMU Cox. For companies wishing to extend full-time, post-graduation offers to summer interns, the SMU Cox Career Management Center has found that a deadline of at least November 1 is a best practice. This affords the student time to reasonably weigh options before committing to an offer.

Contact the Employer Relations Team:

Cheryl Posner
Director of Employer Relations & Operations

KC Frost
Associate Director of Employer Relations

Monica Bumpass
Assistant Director of Marketing & Employer Relations

Emily Kilburg
Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Jon Jessen
Assistant Director of Employer Relations

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