A rigorous curriculum, personalized

Engage with an innovative learning culture that is changing the way the world does business.

Customize your learning experience — without sacrificing academic rigor.

The Cox School’s unique modular curriculum puts you in the driver's seat with a full roster of courses and electives that ladder up to the career you want.

Whether your passion is data analytics or real estate development, you'll dive into your specific areas of interest with innovative Cox-designed offerings. Along with rigorous work in the classroom, you'll be able to take advantage of research opportunities, exchange programs, along a variety of hands-on opportunities.
Tim S.

A la carte curriculum that meets your goals.

"Courses within the module system provide a deeper dive into focused content which allow student to create an a la carte curriculum that meets their personal goals."

Tate Greer
MBA Candidate 2018

Hands-On Experience

The Cox campus is your launchpad, linking you to key business leaders in Dallas and around the world. Get primed to compete as you:

  • Connect with Fortune 500 executives who lead a robust lineup of seminars in the Business Leadership Center.
  • Trek with the Career Center to Wall Street and other business hot spots, where you’ll meet one-on-one with powerful allies for your future.
  • Adventure to Taos, or pursue research in more than 150 programs around the world.
inobat igamberdieva

Learn from local business leaders.

"I attended over thirty Business Leadership Center seminars... It was great complementary experience that allowed me to attend executive roundtables, listen to insights and learn from local business leaders, which even further increased my motivation to lead, be involved and give back to my community."

Inobat Igamberdieva
One-Year MBA 2016

World Class Faculty

At SMU Cox, your professors are graduates of the world's leading business schools: Harvard, Stanford, Penn, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, to name a few.

They're consultants to global corporations, top practitioners in their fields and widely published researchers investigating leading-edge topics. Cox faculty are passionate teachers who bring new ideas and techniques into the classroom, challenge you to question conventional thinking and inspire you to share their excitement about the issues that drive their work.

Bruce Rideaux

The MBA program changed my life and helped me transition into a leadership role.

"Many of our professors were industry practitioners. That was a significant motivating factor for why I chose SMU; our professors integrated their real world experience in the classroom."

Bruce Rideaux
PMBA 2012

Academic Departments

The seven Cox academic departments make up more than a campus—together, they form the proving ground for your future. Whether you major or minor in business, enroll part-time or full, you’ll get a small-school feel with big-city opportunities.


Accounting is the foundation for success in business, no matter your job title. At Cox, you'll get a rigerous education, plis the skills to ride change-and drive it.


Jump-start your finance career with state-of-the art programs taught by superstar Cox faculty. A solid throretical foundation underpins the essential tools that give you a competitive edge.

Information Technology and Operations Management

Data is meaningless if you can't use it to drive decisions. Future-proof your success with ITOM's progressive curriculum, combining information systems, operations management and business analytics.

Management and Organizations

Dare to be disruptive. The Cox M&O department provides you with the skills and the confidence to break molds and succeed-- in both startups and legacy corporations.


Home of the first academic institute for the study of customer engagement and loyalty, the Cox marketing department offers powerful programs that combine the art of science marketing.

Real Estate, Risk Management and Business Law

Study in a boom town where real estate is king. Connect with industry leaders, tap into the latest tech, and get hands-on practice, both on campus and off.

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Choose from 18 custom-designed courses that equip you with the know-how to launch and manage successful businesses. Innovation drives the department and is Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship.