TIMEaccess is the timekeeping module within the overall my.SMU.edu administrative system. Both exempt and non-exempt employees use TIMEaccess. TIMEaccess is used to report time worked and time taken off by all non-exempt employees. TIMEaccess is also used report time off for regular exempt staff and Post Doctoral employees.

System Availability

TIMEaccess is available 24 hours a day, except for scheduled maintenance on Thursday nights from 9:00 - 11:00 PM.

Special maintenance requirements may cause the system to be unavailable at other times. Details will be posted in the ‘Announcement’ section on my.SMU.edu.

System Support

For assistance, including general usage questions, contact the OIT Help Desk at (214) 768-4357 or email help@smu.edu.

TIMEaccess Security Changes

The process to initiate or change a TIMEaccess user's access (Biweekly Approver or Monthly Delegate Approver) is done by submitting the appropriate TIMEaccess Request via OIT's Online Ticket System. (Click I want to... Open a Ticket.)

TIMEaccess Mailing List

The TIMEaccess mailing list is used by the Payroll Office to communicate TIMEaccess notices and other important payroll-related information via email.

Subscription to the TIMEaccess mailing list is required and automatic for all TIMEaccess approvers; it is optional for others who want to join for informational purposes only.

To join the TIMEaccess mailing list(s):

  1. Send an email to payroll@smu.edu.
  2. Provide your legal name (as it is on record with SMU) and your SMU ID number.
  3. Indicate if you want to be added to the TIMEaccess mailing list for the biweekly payroll, the monthly payroll, or both.