Exit Process Initiative

SMU’s existing process for an employee’s departure from the University is problematic for several reasons. Termination notices are difficult to schedule, outstanding balances are difficult to collect, and often the employee’s termination date changes, further complicating things.

Currently the exit process requires interaction between a minimum of six offices, depending on the access level of the employee leaving and whether or not they are a faculty or staff member. The process is manual and managed through email, with no streamlined electronic way to coordinate between various departments.

To improve upon the handful of attempts to simplify the termination/exit process over the years, the Office of Operational Excellence has created the Exit Process Initiative.

The Initiative Team, led by project manager Sheri Starkey, will work to better understand the current system and identify ways in which SMU can more efficiently process departing employees.


Create a new stream-lined electronic process for benefit-eligible faculty/staff.

eSeparation Form Submission

The Electronic Separation form was rolled out to the campus for utilization in November 2018. May 2018 - November 2018 was used within Human Resources only.



Separation forms received by Human Resources early, the day of, and late in relation to employee termination date.

eSeparation Clearance Processing

The clearance step in the exit process was taking 7-10 days prior to implementation of eSeparation.


Clearance forms processed early, day of, and late in relation to employee termination date.

Other Improvements

Other Exit Process improvements added electronic resources to assist faculty, staff, and managers.