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SMU Wellpower

Live your healthiest, happiest life!


SMU's Wellpower Program, powered by Sharecare


Find out your body's RealAge today based on your eating, exercise and sleep habits, along with your family history, behaviors and existing conditions. 

Afterward, you'll get some one-of-a-kind tools to help you live in the green with your goals (and even turn back the clock). You can even earn rewards for participating.

That's because SMU has partnered with Sharecare to help you live your most healthy, happy and productive life.


Confidentiality and Privacy

SMU has partnered with Sharecare to administer Wellpawer. Sharecare protects the confidentiality of your information, in compliance with the Health Insurance 
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Therefore, your personal health information will remain confidential and only be used as permitted by law or as you allow with written permission. Additionally, Sharecare does not sell your information and is not a telemarketing service.