Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom

Two pictures of the interior of the The Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom


The Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom is a 5,400 square foot ballroom renovated for the Umphrey Lee Center. The Grand Ballroom is located at 3300 Dyer Street on the SMU campus in Dallas, Texas.

Substantial completion was achieved on September 9, 2010.

The Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom has been revitalized to meet the increasing need for a premium space to serve as the site for the University's most prestigious events. The ballroom boasts a range of new sustainable features:

  • Contemporary seating and evening light provided in part by silver chandeliers
  • Updated HVAC system to ensure visitors' comfort and enhance the space's functionality.
  • Large energy-efficient windows enable light to spill in during daytime and reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • Over 20% of the materials, by cost, for the building are from within 500 miles of campus to cut transportation costs and pollution
  • Natural materials were used in construction – the building's paint, rugs, and wall coverings won't emit chemical gases.
  • The wood in the classrooms and offices for flooring, doors, and cabinetry were fabricated to contain no added urea-formaldehyde.  Wood products were ordered from environmentally friendly companies that follow certified forestry management techniques provided the lumber. 
  • Simple reclamation approaches to save water: waterless urinals – each of which saves 40,000 gallons of water annually
  • 20% reduction in energy use

Project Team

Architect: Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford
MEP Consultant: Purdy-McGuire
Structural Consultant: Thornton Tomasetti
Civil Consultant: Raymond L. Goodson, Jr., Inc.
Landscape Architect: The Office of Christopher Miller
Audio Visual Consultant: WJHW
General Contractor: Turner Construction